What To Expect With Air Quality Concepts!

1. We send two well-trained, uniformed technicians to the home. They confirm what work will be performed and answer any questions the customer my have.

2. We remove and clean all grilles that can be removed without damaging the home. All other grilles will be cleaned in place.

3. We use an eight-inch diameter vacuum hose to connect a powerful vacuum to the supply side plenum. This creates negative air pressure on the supply ducts and vents, which insures the particulate matter inside the lines does not get airborne.

4. With the vacuum (negative air) pulling debris into our containment bag, we insert the appropriate brush or whip into each supply duct. These brushes and whips are equipped with positive air outlets that work simultaneously with the negative air from the vacuum. We use industry-designed brushes and whips proven to be safe and effective for cleaning duct lines.

5. We clean all junction boxes, trunk lines and plenum boxes.

6. The same process is then repeated on the return side of the HVAC system.

7. Finally, our technicians clean the system itself ensuring that the entire HVAC system gets cleaned. (Many “duct cleaners” just shove a vacuum brush part way into the duct lines and do nothing else.)

8. If the customer chooses to have the system treated with a sanitizer we fog this in after the cleaning has been completed. (One-year warranty against mold and smells if sanitized.)

9. We replace the cleaned grilles and vacuum the floor under and around the grilles to pickup any droppings from removal 
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